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Community Awareness Program of Legal Aid Selangor

The Legal Aid Department (LAD) has been invited to An-Nur Specialist Hospital, Bangi (ANSH) on 21 Januari 2020 as speaker in a Monthly Tazkirah slot which details of the program held are as follows:


Title : Free Syariah Legal Aid: Are you eligible?
Date 21 January 2020
Time : 8.30 am - 10.30 am
Venue : Right Wing (HR), Hospital Pakar An-Nur
Type of Program : Explanation on syariah legal rights and create awareness to audience.


A total of 200 participants attended the program. Participants comprised of officers and staffs of An-Nur Specialist Hospital. They were given explanations on the core functions and jurisdictions of Legal Aid Department (LAD). In addition, explanation was also given on the procedures to obtain legal services from LAD and types of cases which can be represented by LAD in Syariah’s court particularly. This collaboration program was held effectively and majority of audience started to ask question about their own personal issues.